About WissTech Enterprises
What we do:
WissTech Enterprises, is the manufacturer of the world's finest portable drinking fountains, the Hydration Station, the Coil Cool MAX chiller, the Del Sol -
solar rechargeable drinking fountains. WissTech Enterprises is committed to engineering and manufacturing affordable, quality products. Each unit is hand built
with the best available parts to insure lasting quality, and years of use.

Our business history:
WissTech Enterprises was founded in 1998, and celebrates 21 years of business success! After many years of working with hot, thirsty athletes, WissTech
Enterprises' President & CEO designed, engineered and manufactured the first Hydration Station portable beverage dispenser to use with his athletes. The Coil
Cool MAX drinking water chiller is a revolutionary dual-manifold horizontal design that keeps the preliminary manifold and copper coil completely immersed in ice
water at all times. WissTech Enterprises is committed to manufacturing quality products, one at a time. We are proud of our products, and we work hard to
make you proud to own our products. We will "go the extra mile" to keep our customers satisfied.

About our staff:
Bill Wissen MA, LAT, ATC, President and CEO
, is a State Licensed and Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer with over 35 years of experience, and founded
WissTech Enterprises in 1998. Wissen, an NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer and a NATA District 6 Hall of Fame Member. He designed the Hydration
Station to fill a need in his own athletic training practice.  The patented WissTech technology is utilized in every Hydration Station sold today.

Peggy Wissen, Chief Operating Officer, handles day-to-day business operations including sales and ordering, material management, accounting, shipping,
customer relations, and problem solving.

What makes us unique:
WissTech Enterprises is an athletic trainer owned and operated business. All business operations are administrated by the "hands-on" ownership. Quality in
manufacturing is essential to the WissTech Enterprises' mission.
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WissTech Enterprises retains sole proprietary rights of the Hydration Station under U.S. Patent # 6,029,854.
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Manufacturers of the world's finest portable drinking fountains!